This Is What It Takes To Produce Just A Wee Label For Your Business

Would you believe that they can produce a custom sticker as small as a quarter inch by a quarter inch? Not bad, wouldn’t you say. Maybe you need such wee labels for your packaged products. It is said that the mass production of small labels had been confined or restricted to small sticker limits of two inches by two inches. But when you think about it that is actual quite large as it is. Anyway, that is no longer the case. 

small labels

Custom die cut shapes of the smallest kind will be handled. In doing so, the smallest stickers imaginable will be cut by hand. Incredible when you think about it. In this day and age of demanding supply and demand where everything needs to be done yesterday, it is remarkable to note that there are artisans out there who are prepared to test the customers’ patience to their best advantage. Yes, if your packaging requirements are such, it works in your favor.

As they say, size matters. In this case, and more importantly, quality matters. The smallest stickers or labels will be printed on the same outdoor vinyl material used to produce your much larger stickers. Full color stickers will come out waterproof, and color proof, it does not matter what size they are going to be produced in. Simply amazing. You have to appreciate the skill and technical expertise that must go into such patient and intricate work, but there you go, we have said it, this job has the whiff of truly great artwork.

In terms of branding exercises to bring out the best in marketing and advertising on behalf of the small man, how to put it then, this is masterful work.